Net Zero projects

Each Researcher in Residence awarded by the Network+ will have to align to at least one of the key thematic areas. Those areas are Net Zero, Healthcare and Wellbeing and Resilience.

Meeting the government’s target of Net Zero by 2050 will require transformation across many areas. Our RiRs will be commencing world class research which will help the UK meet its target.

Tranche 1 projects

Andrew Ross Wilson: UK space sector set for its first ever carbon baseline

Dr Andrew Ross Wilson from Glasgow Caledonian University is set to work alongside Satellite Applications Catapult towards a carbon baseline for the UK space sector, a vital step on the road to understanding the environmental impact of space activity.

Researcher in Residence: UK space sector set for its first ever carbon baseline

Mathieu Lucquiaud: Revolutionising energy resilience

Collaborating with Energy Systems Catapult, the University of Sheffield’s Prof. Mathieu Lucquiaud is leading a project poised to reshape the UK’s energy landscape.

Researcher in Residence: Revolutionising energy resilience

Ola Michalec: Shaping democracy in the Digital Twin arena

The University of Bristol’s Dr. Ola Michalec is embarking on a groundbreaking journey to scrutinise the intersection of energy systems and democracy in the digital age. Focused on the captivating concept of digital twins, her EDIT (Energy and democracy in digital twins) project engages with Energy Systems Catapult‘s digital twin demonstrator project, delving into the realm of collaborative energy modelling.

Researcher in Residence: Shaping democracy in the Digital Twin arena

Paul Howard-Jones: Supporting Net Zero and consumer challenges in embracing new technology

Consumer commitment to renewable energy technologies holds a central role in realising the UK’s ambitious Net Zero targets. A significant challenge lies in guiding consumers through a cognitive and emotional journey towards embracing these technologies, such as heat pumps for home heating. Professor Paul Howard-Jones, from the University of Bristol, tackles this challenge by drawing on a multidisciplinary approach encompassing psychology, neuroscience, and education in collaboration with Energy Systems Catapult.

Researcher in Residence: Supporting Net Zero and consumer challenges in embracing new technology


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