About the Network+ activities

To realise the overall goals of the Innovation Launchpad Network+, we will:

  • Serve as the focal point of integration between the UK’s academic research community and the Catapult Network, by providing the vision and tools for collaborative engagement.
  • Effectively identify research projects that have matured to the level appropriate for the RiR scheme and to foster their integration into the Catapults.
  • Assist UK academia in creating impact from novel research, within the three identified themes; Net Zero, Healthcare and Wellbeing, and Resilience.
  • Assist in identifying any additional fundamental research needed to overcome bottlenecks further up the innovation landscape.

The Innovation Launchpad Network+ will host community events each year, to create new interdisciplinary research communities of potential and current RiRs. These will include:

  • Network-wide events: including a first Community Engagement Workshop, a number of midpoint conference events and a close up/future of the Network meeting.
  • Focused theme workshops to identify key challenges: two workshops per year are planned for each theme with Catapults and potential applicants over the duration of the Network to identify key challenges for future applications.
  • These events will produce a number of Horizon Reports which set out the key topics and challenges that can be solved by the wider Catapult and academic community.

Calling all researchers! Tranche 3 of the Researchers in Residence scheme will be open to Expressions of Interest on 5th October