High Value Manufacturing Catapult

For future projects, the HVMC are looking at the following:

Net Zero

  • Addressing the means of quantifying, tracking and auditing the emissions across the through life  value chain
  • Transformation of the Engineering processes (inc ‘Design for Sustainability’)
  • Digitalisation of supply chains to reduce food waste
  • Developing technologies for disassembly, reuse, remanufacture, recycling, and urban mining
  • Reducing carbon footprint of legacy building for their remaining life
  • Alternative proteins production, to provide consumers with low carbon options

Health and Wellbeing

  • Digital Pharma Factory of the Future – drive standardisation and adoption of digital medicines manufacturing technology
  • Support the development, optimisation and scale-up of candidate vaccines.
  • Provide key enablers to support the NHS plans for decarbonisation of its facilities, services, and supply chains.
  • Grow the capabilities of the Internet of Medical Things C3-Cloud for enabling effective real-time remote patient care
  • Provide design, manufacturing and product innovation to support the UK industrial base in medical devices.


  • Developing the methods, tools, associated data analytics and partnerships to map UK supply chains
  • Conduct scenario planning of current and future supply base demands to target UK intervention opportunities that will increase national resilience.
  • Design, manufacturing and product innovation to support targeted UK interventions, for example: Innovative tooling design and manufacture for the creation of tooling for composites manufacture to re-shore the industrial capability.

For interest in any of these topics, email mike.hinton@hvm.catapult.org.uk or please visit the HVMC website for further information.

Calling all researchers! Tranche 3 of the Researchers in Residence scheme will be open to Expressions of Interest on 5th October