Key themes: Resilience

Each Researcher in Residence awarded by the Network+ will have to align to at least one of the key thematic areas. Those areas are Net zero, healthcare and wellbeing and resilience.

Within an increasingly interconnected, complex and rapidly changing world, resilience is a measure of robustness to environmental, political, societal and technical impacts. A high level of resilience affords a nation with ‘freedom of independent action’ and increased security against these challenges, which has been highlighted by recent events and current affairs.

Increasing national and global resilience is both necessary and offers tremendous opportunities to capitalise on changing global conditions. The combination of expertise in UK academia and the Catapult Network can be used to drive the UK towards the required advances to ensure a secure, resilient future.

Through this opportunity, we are looking to support academics to explore their research ideas and develop the beginning of a pipeline through to impact in emergent and rapidly developing new science areas, ultimately decreasing the timescales between discovery research and delivery of economic impact and social prosperity.


We are happy to discuss your proposal before submission. Contact the Innovation Launchpad Network+ management team at: 

Innovation Launchpad Network+ Management Team

Alternatively you could make contact with the relevant theme contact/s: 

Resilience investigators

Professor Ashutosh Tiwari, University of

Professor Ben Hicks, University of

Professor Paul Jennings, University of Warwick –

Calling all researchers! Tranche 3 of the Researchers in Residence scheme will be open to Expressions of Interest on 5th October