Key themes: Net Zero

Each Researcher in Residence awarded by the Network+ will have to align to at least one of the key thematic areas. Those areas are Net Zero, Healthcare and Wellbeing and Resilience.

Meeting the government’s target of Net Zero by 2050 will require transformation across many areas. Here are just some examples:

  • Advances in technologies
  • New approaches to accelerate their deployment
  • Introduction of new service and business models
  • Enhanced market and consumer focus
  • New policy and regulations to encourage transformation.

The combined capabilities of the Catapults across multiple sectors creates a unique opportunity to enable a ‘whole systems approach’ to energy generation, management, distribution and use to help the UK achieve its clean growth ambitions. As well as driving development of innovative capabilities, the Catapult Network’s work recognises a decarbonisation strategy that will depend on:

  • Geography
  • Building types
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Energy demand
  • Resources
  • Urban growth plans

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Innovation Launchpad Network+ Management Team

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Net Zero investigators

Professor Fiona Charnley, University of

Professor Stephen McArthur, University of

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