Energy Systems Catapult

Energy Systems Catapult has been working on the following activities, set among the key themes of the Researchers in Residence scheme:

Net Zero

  • Quantifying the costs of intermittency and the value of a flexible energy system
  • Developing the digital standards and protocols and market designs, that enable a decentralised, flexible energy system 
  • Novel behavioural science frameworks and routes to gather data for exploring consumer behaviour
  • Lifecycle and carbon accounting methodologies (sector-specific or general)
  • Using emerging digitalisation and artificial intelligence technologies to simplify the decarbonisation challenge
  • Architecture and methodologies for enabling effective data exchange/coordination between models (e.g. digital twins) of disparate fidelities 
  • Novel applications of data analytics and machine learning to complex energy usage, weather and similar datasets
  • Supply-chain requirements for large-scale transformations of the energy system
  • Improving understanding of land use trade-offs and associated emissions; and recommendations for modelling methodologies.
  • Modelling and analysis of bioenergy value chains
  • Application of geospatial analysis methodologies to energy system changes
  • Improved methodologies for energy infrastructure modelling (accounting for nonlinear relationships)
  • Improved methodologies for modelling multi-vector integration in the energy system
  • Application of improved combinatorial optimisation approaches to complex systems problems
  • Accelerated dynamic modelling of domestic and commercial building energy performance
  • Novel approaches for large-scale rapid surveying/acquisition of data on existing assets to inform energy technology/efficiency interventions 
  • Business model innovation to drive increased uptake of low carbon energy solutions
  • Innovative energy policy and regulation development (esp. to minimise costs and GHG emissions, and improve social equity)
  • Application of game theory (or similar) to understand better the impacts of policy and regulatory design on market outcomes and the robustness of novel business models

Health and Wellbeing

  • Inclusive innovative smart energy products
  • Creating a Fair Future in the transition to Net Zero


  • Operability of the future decentralised flexible Net Zero energy system
  • Assessment of energy system resilience to future extreme weather and climate scenarios

For interest in any of these topics please email For more information about the Energy Systems Catapult, visit the Energy Systems Catapult website.

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