Key themes: Healthcare and Wellbeing

Each Researcher in Residence awarded by the Network+ will have to align to at least one of the key thematic areas. Those areas are Net Zero, healthcare and wellbeing and resilience.

Early diagnosis and intervention, advanced personalised therapies and the integration of digital technologies are key enablers of cost-effective healthcare and wellbeing to support a growing and ageing population.

The Catapult Network is energising healthcare and wellbeing through breakthrough capabilities, increasing the flow of innovative medicines, and seeks to do more in diagnostics and digital therapeutics products. Catapults also work strategically with the UK health, wellbeing, social care and regulatory systems to channel UK innovators into a supply chain of new approaches, capabilities and models that can help manage costs and optimise outcomes.


We are happy to discuss your proposal before submission. Contact the Innovation Launchpad Network+ management team at: 

Innovation Launchpad Network+ Management Team

Alternatively you could make contact with the relevant theme contact/s: 

Healthcare and wellbeing investigators

Professor Alex Frangi, University of

Professor Heather Mortiboys, University of

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