Medicines Discovery Catapult

medicines discovery

Medicines Discovery Catapult is a national facility connecting the UK community to accelerate and reshape innovative drug discovery. Their mission is to industrialise and drive adoption of breakthrough approaches that discover patient-centered medicines, faster improving the productivity and fundability of medicines discovery assets in the UK.

Whether you are focused on creating new medicines or progressing a new innovative technology, the Medicines Discovery team will be able to offer assistance with your project.

MD will help you to develop and deliver your project strategy, provide industrial medicines discovery expertise, and undertake cutting edge laboratory work and Virtual R&D services as required. They will help advance your idea from the initial concept to the clinic by unblocking your project at places where you do not have the internal technology or expertise.

Along the way, Medicines Discovery will ensure that that the right experiments are carried out and the right data is captured, helping you safeguard the future of your IP. They are also able to offer Informatics support. Medicines discovery is driven by data. Huge amounts of it, biological, chemical, clinical, safety and patent data are generated and used by every medicines discovery project. What they can do for you will depend on your unique project goals and challenges. Their key strength lies in tackling difficult and unprecedented discovery data problems.

If you want to work with Medicines Discovery more closely, email or please visit the website for further information.

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