Resilience projects

Each Researcher in Residence awarded by the Network+ will have to align to at least one of the key thematic areas. Those areas are Net zero, healthcare and wellbeing and resilience.

Within an increasingly interconnected, complex and rapidly changing world, resilience is a measure of robustness to environmental, political, societal and technical impacts. A high level of resilience affords a nation with ‘freedom of independent action’ and increased security against these challenges, which has been highlighted by recent events and current affairs.

Tranche 1 projects

Mark Goudswaard: Introducing the Physical-Digital Affordance Index (PDAI)

A transformative research project is poised to address a critical aspect of modern engineering—digitisation. The Physical-Digital Affordance Index (PDAI) will be developed by the University of Bristol’s Dr Mark Goudswaard in collaboration with Digital Catapult, establishing a framework for optimising the use of design tools in engineering practices.

Researcher in Residence: Introducing the Physical-Digital Affordance Index (PDAI)

Santosh Bhattarai: Satellite cities and expanding the edge of all we know

Dr Santosh Bhattarai from University College London, working in collaboration with the Satellite Applications Catapult, is set to gather important data on how the space industry can adapt to the dramatic increase of satellites in space.

Researcher in Residence: Satellite cities and expanding the edge of all we know

Zekai Murat Kilic: Advancing manufacturing precision

The University of Manchester’s Dr. Zekai Murat Kilic is driving innovation in manufacturing precision in a bold project in collaboration with the AMRC.

Researcher in Residence: Advancing manufacturing precision

Amir Bolouri: Forging the future of metal casting

In a potentially groundbreaking project, Researcher in Residence (Tranche 1) Dr. Amir Bolouri from the University of the West of England (UWE) is set to redefine the landscape of metal casting through collaboration with the AMRC. Building on the innovative sensorisation protocol developed within the ATI Foundry 2023, Dr. Bolouri’s RiR project could unlock new horizons of precision and excellence.

Researcher in Residence: Forging the future of metal casting


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